Co-requisite Design (Webinar)

Process Stage
Institutional Leadership
Math Department
Advisors and Coordinators
This webinar is strategically designed to support mathematics faculty and departmental leaders in designing the structure of co-requisite courses.

In this webinar, participants will:
* Build on the backmapping work accomplished during and after the webinar, "Defining the Content of Support Course for Underprepared Students."
* Understand the additional steps needed in planning the support content for a co-requisite (rather than a prerequisite) support course.
* Understand and plan for the decisions that need to be made in designing the support course structures.

The following resources will support this webinar:
1. Co-requisite Design (PowerPoint)
2. Co-requisite Courses: Narrowing the Gap between Instruction and Supports
3. Co-requisite Design: Discussion Template
4. Introduction to Statistics and Co-requisite Support Course Sample Timeline