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[UPDATED 2019] Mathematics pathways are designed to address three barriers to student learning and success: inappropriate placement, misaligned content and long course sequences. This brief summarizes the research on these barriers and presents evidence that well-designed mathematics pathways lead to increased student success.
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The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center of the University of Texas, Austin (Dana Center), has launched an initiative to improve students’ success and completion rates in mathematics at colleges and universities in California’s Central Valley.
This report looks at the achievement of the ACT®-tested 2017 graduating class relative to college and career readiness. A total of 60% of students in the 2017 US graduating class took the ACT® test, compared to 64% last year, 54% in 2013, and 42% in 2007.
The purpose of this site is to display key performance indicators of New Mexico’s 24 higher education
institutions: Research universities, regional universities, branch colleges and independent community
Helping Washington students achieve success in college math.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have identified college completion as their No. 1 goal and are working to increase the number of degrees and certificates earned in Oklahoma by an average of 1,700 per year, resulting in a 67 percent increase by 2023.
The Math Pathways Task Force, organized in October 2014 pursuant to House Bill 1042, strives to identify alternative entry-level mathematics courses most effective and beneficial to each academic major. The task force works with faculty, administrators, professional associations, and state legislators to implement its recommendations.
For many students, the required mathematics course becomes a barrier to degree completion, either because they are reluctant to sign up for a mathematics course, or because they sign up for a mathematics course that is not appropriate for their program of study. It is important that students take the right mathematics course for their program of study or major. Ideally they should complete this first mathematics course during their first semester of enrollment.
Math Pathways is a mathematics course or sequence of courses that students take to meet the requirements of their programs of study.
Attached is a copy of Executive Order 1110 relating to the assessment of academic preparation for and placement in written communication in English courses and mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses.