Institutional Level - Continuously Improving

Who should lead?

The leadership team monitors the results of the evaluation plan. The leadership team uses the results to revise and refine the strategies and plan for meeting the overall goals for implementation. The responsibility for organizing and reporting on the evaluation may vary. The administrative lead, president, and other institutional leaders receive progress reports and continue to communicate the commitment to math pathways across the institution.

What does it take?

The leadership team should have at least one in-depth work session to review the evaluation plan and determine next steps. This process will define the resources needed to continue progress towards the goals.

Avoid pitfalls

Failing to monitor and evaluate progress can lead to two problems: poor or inconsistent student outcomes, and a failure to scale. A good evaluation plan and monitoring process will help catch and address problems quickly. It also provides opportunities for updates and discussion that help to keep the work visible.

One of the biggest challenges of any change effort is that the work can become derailed if key leaders leave or are reassigned. There is no way to ensure that key faculty and staff will remain in their current positions over time. However, leaders can guard against negative impacts by strategically building broad engagement and supporting emerging leaders to be ready to step into new roles if necessary.

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3 Suggested Steps and Resources:

  • Step 1

    The leadership team and others review the evaluation plan and use the results to define next steps.

  • Step 2

    The leadership team continues to update the communications and engagement plan to bring more people into the work with special attention to engaging more mathematics faculty and key staff.

  • Step 3

    The working group continues to align math pathways to programs of study.

Institutional Scaling Toolkit:

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Institutional Scaling Toolkit: 

Program of Study Issue Briefs: