Classroom Level

We can only claim success when mathematics pathways become a reality for students. State and institutional efforts work to one goal: creating the conditions that allow mathematics faculty to do what they do best -- teach students.

Putting Pathways into Practice

Mathematics faculty are at the heart of the work to implement mathematics pathways. The information and resources in this section provide guidance for faculty engaged in designing courses aligned with the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) Model and for department chairs overseeing these efforts.

While this section is focused on work specific to mathematics faculty, we reiterate that the faculty support from institutional leadership, student support staff and faculty in partner disciplines to fully implement math pathways. This systemic work is described in detail in the Take Action -- Institutional Level section.

Russell Self from Trinity Valley Community College describes how students in courses aligned with the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Model become independent learners.

In cases in which mathematics faculty are working in isolation, we encourage them to utilize these resources to identify independent actions they can take to improve learning for their students and to inform their colleagues and leaders about opportunities that can be created through a more systemic approach.

The process at a glance:

Suggested duration of activity within these stages (e.g., 1-2 months) is not provided because the process is highly dependent on the size of the institution and readiness for implementation.

  • Getting Started: Faculty leaders work with their faculty members to build a shared understanding of math pathways.
  • Planning: Mathematics faculty develop courses and plan for departmental communications and engagement.
  • Implementing: Faculty leaders offer faculty training as needed. Mathematics faculty offer courses and gather data for evaluation.
  • Continuously Improving: Mathematics faculty review evaluation results and provide recommendations to the leadership team about next steps.