Subcommittee Report: Designing Math Pathways: Supporting Students and Increasing Opportunity for Success

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Getting Started
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Leveraging recommendations from the Task Force on Transforming Developmental Math Education, the Math Pathways Subcommittee [of the Task Force on Transforming Developmental Math Education] formed and partnered with the Charles A. Dana Center to join other states that were committed to bringing multiple math pathways to scale under the Dana Center’s Mathematics Pathways to Completion project. In January 2018, the Math Pathways Subcommittee of the Task Force on Transforming Developmental Math Education published five recommendations and strategies to support statewide scale of implementing mathematics pathways. The recommendations focus on: defining 4 mathematics pathways across Massachusetts' higher education institutions; improving transfer and applicability through defined default or recommended mathematics courses for programs of study; accelerating underprepared students to complete their first college-level mathematics course in one year or less; improving data collection efforts; and coordinating K-12 and higher education efforts towards mathematics pathways to support students transition.