Task Force Report: Oklahoma - Math Pathways Task Force Recommendations

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Institutional Leadership
Math Department

Since 2011, Oklahoma has committed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of remedial and gateway mathematics courses. In this pursuit, the Mathematics Success Group was formed in 2012 to develop a strategic plan that addressed the following priorities: (1) improve the preparation of high school students and their transition to college; (2) reform remediation; (3) improve course placement; and (4) create multiple math pathways based on disciplines. To address these priorities, in November 2015, Oklahoma joined five other states as a member of the Mathematics Pathways to Completion (MPC) project. With the support of the Dana Center, the Oklahoma Math Pathways Task Force examined its state data, defined current problems and challenges, prioritized its solutions into recommendations, and published its statewide task force recommendations report in February 2017. The report defined five key recommendations to enact and achieve Oklahoma's goals.