Texas Transfer

Transferring from community college to universities across Texas is confusing. If you’ve tried to support students in transferring credits, you know the information is inconsistent and hard to find.

For math classes, the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide is exactly the tool you need! The guide is free and easy to use. It includes details on mathematics requirements at all public universities in Texas – for all twenty-five hundred bachelor's degrees programs.

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Transferability of Common Math Courses

The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide includes comprehensive data on mathematics course requirements for bachelor's degrees from public universities in Texas. The dataset allows users to view and compare mathematics course requirements for degrees and majors across institutions. Course names and course numbers have been standardized using the THECB's Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM).

The guide answers three main questions.

  1. Will a particular math course transfer to a particular university?
  2. Which math courses satisfy the core curriculum requirements at which university?
  3. What math course(s) will a student need to take for a particular major at a particular university?

Watch the video above for a quick tutorial on how to use the guide to easily answer those questions.

Trends in Mathematics Courses in Texas

The Texas Transfer Inventory Guide also includes a look at course taking trends.

In 2010, College Algebra was the most common entry-level mathematics course at universities across Texas. However, over the past decade, these institutions have steadily increased the number of mathematics pathways courses offered to students through general education core curriculum requirements.

Based on data from the AY 2022–2023 Texas Transfer Inventory Guide, we find that all public universities in the state offer multiple mathematics pathways through their core curriculum.

Review the dataset in the Texas Transfer Inventory Guide in the trends summary tab.