Classroom Level - Getting Started

Who should lead?

The department chair or other leaders communicate a commitment to math pathways and provide opportunities for faculty to learn about pathways and contribute to the planning process. Institutions with separate departments for developmental and college-level mathematics should establish structures that foster collaboration across both departments to approach the implementation of math pathways as a shared effort. Department chairs may designate representatives to lead the work, but should maintain a visible commitment for the duration of the work.

What does it take?

The department chair creates time and structures for discussions and for sharing information. Faculty have authentic and meaningful opportunities to contribute to the work.


educators working together

Avoid pitfalls

Assigning a small team to work on pathways is a natural way to manage workloads, but it can cause the work to be isolated from the majority of the faculty. Department chairs should think strategically about how to manage the work efficiently and encourage broad engagement.

4 Suggested Steps and Resources

  • Step 1

    Communicate a commitment.

  • Step 2

    Disseminate one or two key informational resources.

  • Step 3

    Appoint department representatives.

  • Step 4

    Ongoing communications and engagement.

Department chair communicates a commitment to math pathways. For more information, please visit our resources page.

Department chair disseminates one or two key informational resources for the faculty to discuss in order to build a common understanding of math pathways.

Department chair appoints department representatives to lead the work. For more information, please visit our resources page.


Department chair plans for ongoing communications and engagement.