Mathematics Pathways to Completion (MPC)

Statewide initiatives play a critical role in creating the conditions that enable colleges and universities to make mathematics pathways a reality. Therefore, the Dana Center’s primary strategy for achieving the goal of serving all students is to support systemic statewide work to implement the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) model at scale.

A Coordinated Effort

The Mathematics Pathways to Completion (MPC) is a major effort to support six states to move from a broad vision for mathematics pathways to institutional implementation of the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) model over three years. The goal is to dramatically improve the success of students in developmental and gateway mathematics courses by implementing math pathways at scale within each state.

The Dana Center launched the MPC in 2015 with five states: Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Washington. Massachusetts joined the initiative in 2016 (see Take Action State Level for more information about supporting math pathways across a state or region).

Hot Off the Press!

  • Check out the new Implementation Connectview full resourceDownloadFile to see highlights of some of the exceptional work this past year at MPC states. 
  • In February 2017, four MPC states – Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Washington – had achieved a momentous milestone of crafting a vision towards math pathways by publishing their task force recommendations report. Beyond these reports, each state is actively engaged in its next steps to enact their recommendations while garnering institutional commitment for math pathways implementation. For individual state information about its leadership, timeline of activity, and resources, refer to each state's MPC page under Where We Work navigation tab.
  • A new resource has been published offering state education stakeholders a recommended process for developing effective state-level student learning outcomes related to the implementation of multiple mathematics pathways. Click to download A Process for Success: Developing and Supporting Student Learning Outcomes for Multiple Math Pathwaysview full resourceDownloadFile.
  • To access resources provided to MPC states at the 2016 Leadership Academy please click here
How the MPC works

How the MPC Works

The Dana Center utilizes a strategy in which individuals from all levels of the system and from different stakeholder groups collaborate in an effective planning and implementation process. The process has three phases.

In Phase 1, faculty leaders from 2- and 4-year institutions work with policy representatives through a state-level math task force to establish a vision for math pathways in that state. This serves to build urgency and motivate change.

Phase 2 is a brief transition period during which the math task force plans and initiates actions to create the enabling conditions for implementation. Colleges and universities then move towards implementation in Phase 3.



How the Dana Center Supports MPC States

The Dana Center supports each MPC state through direct technical assistance, tools, and resources, including:

  • Consulting: Each state will be paired with a dedicated consultant who will support strategic planning and problem solving. The Dana Center will also provide access to experts on specific issues as needed.
  • Leadership Development: The Dana Center will provide support to individuals overseeing the state-level work.
  • Tools and Resources: The Dana Center will supply a rich set of tools and resources for state leadership, task force members, faculty, administrators, and other higher education staff.
  • Workshops to Support Implementation: Each state will host a small number of workshops to provide technical assistance directly to colleges. In some cases, the Dana Center will facilitate these workshops, and in others, the Center will train local facilitators to customize events to the state context.

Each MPC state has a designated lead agency that serves as the hub for the work. Two mathematics faculty co-chairs representing the 2- and 4-year sectors lead the math task force with supported by a facilitator from the lead agency.


Generous Support

Support for the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways and the Mathematics Pathways to Completion state cohort is provided by the:

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Resources for MPC States
Transfer and Applicability
Planning for Scale

Our Work at the State Level

Select a state to learn more about how local leaders are setting a vision for math pathways or read an analysis of math pathways work across multiple states.-