Math Task Force Toolkit, Table of Contents

Process Stage
Getting Started
Math Department

Table of Contents for State-Level Math Task Force Toolkit

The toolkit includes the following resources (in order):
-- Math Task Force Process by Objective
-- At-a-Glance Timeline by Objective
-- Identifying Task Force Members
-- Identifying Task Force Members (part II only)
-- State Readiness Assessment
-- State Higher Education Context Template
-- State-Level Student Data Template
-- Facilitating Data-Driven Discussions
-- Math Pathways Resource List
-- Math Pathways Slide Deck
-- Effective Meeting Checklist
-- Setting the Charge
-- Effective Strategies and Messaging for Communication and Engagement
-- Defining the Challenges
-- Linking Challenges & Solutions
-- Prioritizing Solutions
-- Drafting Recommendations
-- Planning the Vetting Process
-- Publishing & Disseminating Recommendations

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