Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

The Dana Center is hosting 4 interactive webinars to engage mathematics faculty from MPC states in real-time conversation about promising practices that help students not only prepare for—but also succeed in—calculus.

Two webinars are offered in Spring 2017 and two in Fall 2017. Webinars are from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm CST.

Webinar Topics


Preparing Students for Calculus: Exploring Current Research

Listen to the event recording

Choosing Content: Balancing Conceptual Understanding with Procedural Fluency

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Course Architecture: Active and Cooperative Learning; Noncognitive Factors

September 21, 2017

Keeping It Real: Conversations with the Math Department, Partner Disciplines, and Student Services

October 19, 2017

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Lead Agency:

  • Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Math Task Force Facilitator: 

  • Debra Stuart, Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Math Task Force Co-Chairs:

  • Greg Boyd, Department Chair for Mathematics, Murray State College
  • William "Bus" Jaco, Professor of Mathematics and Department Head, Oklahoma State University
  • Mike Oehrtman, Professor of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University
  • Cassie Firth, Mathematics Division Chair and Instructor, Northern Oklahoma College/OSU Gateway

MPC Consultant:

  • Sandy Gilpin, Assistant Dean of First Year Programs, Fort Lewis College

Math Task Force Members

Name Title Institution
Narayan Thapa Chair and Associate Professor of Mathematics Cameron University
Leslie Bain Mathematics Instructor Carl Albert College
Susan Kirk Mathematics Instructor Connors State College
Andrew Wells Assistant Professor of Mathematics East Central University
Phillip Hawthorne Mathematics Professor Eastern Oklahoma State College
Anthony Hill Mathematics Instructor Langston University
Steve Dixon Mathematics Instructor Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College
Darryl Linde Mathematics Professor Northeastern State University
Tim Maharry Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Chris Oehrlein Mathematics Professor Oklahoma City Community College
Sarah Green Assistant Professor, Developmental Studies Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Rob Bennett Tutorial Center Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
DeNara Hill Division Head, Division of Initial College Studies Oklahoma State University–Oklahoma City
Rachel Bates Mathematics Professor Redlands Community College
Andrea Xeriland Professor and Mathematics Coordinator, Engineering and Science Division Rose State College
Larry Elzo Instructor Rogers State University
Linda Goeller STEM Division Chair; Associate Professor of Mathematics; Coordinator of Assessment Seminole State College
Charles Matthews Chair of Mathematics Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Michael Doughtery Department Chair, Mathematics Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Lance Phillips Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics Tulsa Community College
Neil Metz Assistant Professor, Department of Economics University of Central Oklahoma
Keri Kornelson Associate Professor, Mathematics; Chair of undergraduate math committee University of Oklahoma
Krista Maxson Vice President of Academic Affairs University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Nicole Keenum Mathematics Faculty Western Oklahoma State College
Formal Charge

Formal Charge

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) established the Math Pathways Task Force, comprising mathematics faculty from each of the 27 public universities and community colleges, and charged this group to:

  • Develop recommendations for creation and implementation of statewide math pathways to achieve task force goals.
  • Coordinate with national and other state efforts to improve mathematics success for all students.

In February 2017, the Task Force published its report -- Math Pathways Task Force Recommendationsview full resourceDownloadFile -- which identified five key recommendations, alongside next steps, committed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of remedial and gateway mathematics courses. These five recommendations include:

  1. Establish statewide college meta-majors and corresponding math pathways, ensuring transferability across institutions.
  2. Increase student engagement and teaching of applications in gateway math classes.
  3. Increase support for academic success in gateway math classes.
  4. Provide professional development and resources for faculty and advisors.
  5. Improve student preparation, including efforts in K-12 education and remediation reform.

Timeline of Activity:

  • Planning for Institutional Scaling: ongoing thru March 2017
  • Transfer & Applicability working group meeting (March 21, 2017)
  • Designing Math Pathways workshop at University of Central Oklahoma (April 17, 2017)
Dr. Debra Stuart
Pathways to Success
“The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education embraced an ambitious goal to increase the number of students who complete college degrees. Lack of success in mathematics has been a significant and persistent barrier to student success. By joining Mathematics Pathways to Completion, tens of thousands of new freshmen each year will benefit from what the faculty learn at the Dana Center.”
Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships,
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Our Work at the State Level

Select a state to learn more about how local leaders are setting a vision for math pathways or read an analysis of math pathways work across multiple states.-