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The Office of the Chancellor hosted a Co-Requisite Mathematics Summit on August 10-11, 2017. Uri Treisman and his colleagues from the Charles A.

Helping Washington students achieve success in college math.

In fall 2014, Michigan community colleges and universities adopted the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) which allows students to transfer 30 credit hours of general education coursework from college to the university.

MassTransfer Pathways builds on the work of the Common Course Numbering initiative, which was created to ease the process of transfer among Massachusetts public colleges and universities governed by the MassTransfer policy.

A major obstacle to the timely completion of an academic degree program is lack of preparedness of students, particularly in the area of math education.

Resources, tools, and events are highlighted on this site to provide a centralized, online platform to support implementation and scale of mathematics pathways across Arkansas's higher education institutions.

Data at both the national and state levels indicate that not completing a gateway mathematics course within the first year of instruction correlates with a reduced chance of student success and timely graduation.

The Math Pathways Task Force, organized in October 2014 pursuant to House Bill 1042, strives to identify alternative entry-level mathematics courses most effective and beneficial to each academic major.

From 2015-2018, Michigan was one of six states engaged in the Dana Center's Mathematics Pathways to Completion project.

Process Stage:
Getting Started, Planning
Policy, Math Department

Implementation teams from six states gathered together in Fall 2018 to discuss progress and continuous improvement for mathematics pathways as a part of the Mathematics Pathways to Completion (MPC) project.

State, Institution
Process Stage:
Planning, Implementing, Continuously Improving
Policy, Institutional Leadership, Math Department